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Become A Certified Travel Companion Today

Certified Travel Companion Coaching with Carol Giuliani & Jan Dougherty


"I am an RN and was thinking I could be a travel companion but I had no idea how to start. Certified Senior TravALZ Companions was essential in validating my idea that this is a needed service. They provided experience and knowledge on the how-to and provided a very structured and professional class. They are a phone call away for any questions. I now have my website up, performed my first trip, and have obtained my certification from them! I am excited about what is next!"

-AlidaLee Gingerich RN, BSN

"The information I received in the program along with support from my classmates has proven invaluable to me both personally and professionally.  I recently traveled internationally with a client who has physical disabilities.  Because of the training I received through CTSC, I was able to confidently navigate the logistics for the client and the trip.   As a result, the client experienced a successful trip. Thank you for helping to make that trip a success and for helping to turn my dream of becoming a [full time] care and travel companion a reality!"

-Cheryl Pegues

Your Faculty of Certified Senior TravALZ Companions 

Carol Giuliani is the President of Senior Travel Companion Services, LLC.

Jan Dougherty, MS, RN, FAAN is President of TravALZ, LLC and an older adult and dementia care expert.

Companions are needed more than ever to meet the growing demand for seniors and the disabled who require assistance to make travel possible. Carol & Jan are here to provide detailed training to a variety of professionals to ensure travel companions have the knowledge and skills to assess, plan, and execute travel to meet the unique needs of older adult clients and those with travel challenges.

Carol Giuliani
Jan Dougherty





"The data was key and shows how big the market is for certified senior travel companions."


"I will be able to provide services to a new client and am 100% confident

I can start a new business."


"The content was exceptional and very helpful. I learned specific things to say/do in response to situations I am likely to encounter."

Business Strategies to help you create your own travel companion company

Abilities to assess and mitigate possible health and behavioral challenges during travel

Approaches to maintain client safety and comfort throughout travel

Tactics to plan, problem-solve, and orchestrate a variety of travel scenarios


"Carol & Jan were excellent instructors and group facilitators!"

"The group case studies were very helpful and informative following the lectures"

"An amazing two days spent learning from Jan and Carol – worth the investment in my business"

"Your course validated my plans to start a travel companion business for seniors and disabled adults"

"The case studies were outstanding throughout the course"

"Appreciated the practical steps to learn how to start up my business"

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January 20th & 21st, 2023
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