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Why Certified Senior TravALZ Companions?

Growing older doesn’t mean travel needs to end. Even people living with dementia desire to stay connected to family and friends and still explore new places. For many, chronic health conditions, added frailty or lack of family and friends to join in will limit travel. Having a competent and knowledgeable travel companion who can plan and carry out travel allows older adults to relax and enjoy the experience.

AARP notes that older adults spend more money to travel than any other age group. Prior to covid, many were taking up to 5 trips per year. Health and mobility issues are what sidetrack most older adults from reaching their travel goals. 

We created Certified Senior TravALZ Companions to meet the growing demand for seniors (and younger) who need added assistance to make travel possible. We provide detailed training to ensure that Certified Senior TravALZ Companions know how to assess, plan and execute travel for the unique needs of a variety of clients.  Our intensive 2-day training, with ongoing supervision, provides individuals the opportunity to become competent and confident travel companions for trips that include relocation, celebrations and leisure travel.

Day 1 reviews the impact of travel on aging adults with a focus on dementia, as this is, and will continue to be one of the greatest barriers to travel. Participants will learn how to assess client needs prior to travel. Practical hands-on tips to support basic needs, changing cognition, effective communications skills, safety precautions and MORE are provided.

Day 2** will focus on the business aspects of companion care. Participants will learn how to start up a new business. Practical aspects will include client intake, setting fee schedules, managing liabilities, planning and booking travel, marketing, client satisfaction and MORE. Real case studies will be used as participants learn to problem-solve situations. As participants begin their companion work, debriefing before/after trips will be scheduled with the faculty to ensure competence.

**Note that in-person training at MSP will include a trip to the mock Delta airplane as we provide practical instruction on safe client transfers, seating, and airplane amenities.

​Following completion of the 2-day training, participants will:

-       Complete case studies and debrief with                   Carol & Jan

-       Complete a background check

-       Plan and execute a trip with a                

        senior/disabled adult and

        debrief with Carol & Jan

-       Obtain feedback/testimonial from client

-       Complete a CPR/First Aid course (if not                    already medically trained)

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"Thank you for inviting me to participate in the CSTC training program this year.  In my business, I provide care and travel companion services for older adults.   Although I sometimes provide care for individuals with hidden and other disabilities, I have never traveled with anyone who has these challenges.  


The information I received in the program along with support from my classmates has proven invaluable to me both personally and professionally. I recently traveled internationally with a client who has physical disabilities. Because of the training I received through CTSC, I was able to confidently navigate the logistics for the client and the trip. As a result, the client experienced a successful trip.  


Thank you for helping to make that trip a success and for helping to turn my dream of becoming a [full time] care and travel companion a reality!"

-Certified Travel Companion Cheryl Pegues, Class of 2022

"Thanks for the quantum leap intro into the business, especially with the virtual class that was jammed packed with useful information that made the launch of my own business such a success. I might add too that the proceeds from the training trip I took with Carol shortly after the workshop helped fund my LLC and build my website.  Carol and Jan is THE dynamic duo to have in your corner. I so appreciate their years of experience as professional senior travel companion experts and quality health care advocates. The monthly Zoom meetings with others starting out in the business and getting ongoing support from Carol and Jan is a tremendous added benefit. Your generosity, counsel, and zest for fun is an inspiration!"

-Chris Weyandt, Class of 2023

"I have attended numerous seminars during my professional career. During these past seminars, many times my focus on the information submitted from the speaker would drift away. Not with this Training Program. Jan Dougherty and Carol Giuliani kept me on the edge of my chair during the entire 2-day Zoom seminar. The information they presented on assisting the older and disable traveler was most enlightening. From safety to the comfort of traveler, their suggestions and comments were most helpful. Their Case Studies on various travel situations were thought provoking. I would highly recommend this presentation for those considering to be a Certified Travel Companion. Thank you Jan and Carol."

-Stan McMinn, Class of 2023

"The CSTC training I attended in January of 2023 was practical, educational and full of useful information.  The instructors were committed, professional and compassionate.  I was continually astounded at how much material was compressed into the timeframe.  I highly recommend the CSTC organization and certification program."

-Debra Callahan, Class of 2023

"I had been anxiously waiting for this certification training program to open again so that I could attend. Each day I participated, I gained more knowledge and confidence to start my own senior travel companion business. The knowledge I gained from Jan and Carol about traveling with seniors with physical disabilities or those with dementia was priceless. Jan's experience and passion for working people with dementia is contagious and the material presented was educational and immediately applicable. Carol's humor in sharing stories of her trips were beneficial and uplifting. Her business expertise was immeasurably helpful. Thank you, Jan and Carol, for offering such an invaluable class."

-Becky Staples, Fall Class of 2023

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